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  • 911 - Est. 1983
  • 911 - Est. 1983


Cheboygan Life Support Systems is a non-profit, community health care provider dedicated to providing the best possible emergency services for the residents of Cheboygan, Mackinac and Presque Isle Counties, including education and support of community activities.

The Goals of CLSS Advanced Life Support

  1. Provide basic and advanced life support to the citizens of Cheboygan, Mackinac and Presque Isle Counties during emergencies.
  2. Provide transportation from one hospital to another hospital that provides specialized care not locally available.
  3. Provide our employees with fair treatment, wages and compensation.
  4. Foster community relations through education for safety, CPR and First Aid.
  5. Provide the same excellent patient care regardless of status, race, sex, age or gender.



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