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Company History

Cheboygan Life Support Systems Inc. is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to benefit the community.  In 1983 CLSS was formed by the Hospital (CMH), the City of Cheboygan, the County of Cheboygan, Tuscarora Twp., and the Wolverine Fire Board. The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly on the last Wednesday at noon at our facility in Cheboygan.

We are your local ambulance service that provides radio dispatched ambulances equipped with sophisticated medical equipment and emergency medications given by licensed paramedics. Our coverage was divided into two service areas in Cheboygan County each equipped with a station.

In Jan of 2015, Cheboygan Life was contacted by three community ambulance services that were part of Allied EMS. Allied EMS was going out of business and each of their communities were looking to collaborate with CLSS to maintain their ambulance operations. The City of Mackinac Island, Rogers City Ambulance Authority and Straits EMS in St. Ignace.  Cheboygan Life Support Board of Directors met with representatives from each service and signed contracts with the three entities to maintain ambulance service in each area. This took effect April 1 2015.

Each service area has a heated station with garage area for the storage and maintenance of vehicles.  Living quarters are provided for the crews on duty, including bedrooms, bathrooms with showers, a living room and kitchen.

The main station is located in the City of Cheboygan. This facility has four bedrooms and staffs two ambulance crews twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This is where the Director’s office and medical billing offices are located. The second Cheboygan county facility is located in Indian River has four bedrooms and is staffed with two crews.

We have two stations in Mackinac County. One located on Mackinac Island and one in St. Ignace. We staff one ambulance crew at the Mackinac Island medical building. In St. Ignace, we have one staffed crew with a second backup crew on duty whenever possible. The Presque Isle station is located in Rogers City. It is a four bedroom facility with a three bay garage. They have one in house duty crew and back up crew that responds to the station whenever the first crew is on an ambulance run.